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Virtual Office

A virtual office has all the advantages of an office without paying for the physical space. You get a prestigious address in a premium location. You get mail & courier services, a personal phone number with telephone calls professionally answered in your company's name. You have access to meeting rooms and we provide you with all the additional backup and business support services that you may require.

Virtual Office, Global Business Services, AthensThe Virtual Office is ideal for:

  • Companies that are starting operations and not yet ready to take on the expense of a permanent office.
  • Companies that wish to operate with an un-staffed presence
  • Companies that are testing the market before committing to a permanent office.
  • Professionals in transition working from home but not yet ready for full time premise.
  • Professionals relocating and require a continued business presence.
  • Companies that need a prestigious address for client interaction.
  • Frequent travellers who are always on the road.
  • Overseas firms needing representative offices at the lowest cost.
  • Companies that want to globalise swiftly without the standard capital outlay